Why Going to Church is Critical in this Digital Era

In my ministry work, I often hear the statement, “I don’t need church to have a relationship with God.”

While it’s true that one can still have a relationship with God without attending church, I believe that they will never fully experience God’s presence here on earth without being part of a local church body. The local church provides a platform for believers to worship God, share life together, and glorify Him as He calls. In this blog post, I want to address this misconception and explain why attending church is essential for every Christian, especially young adults.

In this digital age, it’s easier than ever to access information and content online, including Christian sermons and teachings. While this is undoubtedly a useful resource, it can also contribute to a sense of isolation and disconnection from the wider Christian community. Online interactions can never fully replace the benefits of in-person fellowship, accountability, and support. Attending church in person allows us to build meaningful relationships with other believers, receive personal encouragement and prayer, and serve and minister to those around us. In short, attending church in the digital age is not only important but necessary for a well-rounded, fulfilling Christian life.

Some individuals may have a skewed view of the local church due to their past experiences with a particular denomination or church group. Others may not have been educated on the purpose of the local church, so they lack the insight to see the deeper reasons for attending. However, the Bible clearly calls for Christians to meet together, confess their sins to each other, and devote themselves to teaching and fellowship. We cannot ignore these divine calls if we want to live out our Christian lives to the fullest.

Living in close community with other believers is a vital part of our membership in the family of God. We were created to live and thrive with fellow believers. Statistically speaking, those who attend church are happier, healthier, more generous, and more satisfied with their lives. Being part of a faith community is a necessary tool for living out our Christian lives, strengthening our faith, and developing a deeper relationship with God.

When Christians fail to attend church, they deprive the local body of their unique spiritual gifts, attributes that God has equipped them with to serve and honor in this way. Each Christian is a vital part of “one body,” and we are “fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household.” Attending church is not just an obligatory act of legalism, but an intentional commitment to a group of Christians throughout the week, whereby we meet together, pray for one another, provide for each other, and become sanctified by the Holy Spirit through those relationships.

When we understand the history and purpose of the local church, and our responsibility as members, attending church is no longer about us. It’s about God, others, and living out the Edenic ideal to the best of our abilities here on earth. The local church is the embodiment of the universal Church, functioning like sovereign territory in a foreign land, a small part of heavenly territory in this world. If we want to be closer to God, the best place we can be is at church. As a warm and caring Christian pastor, I encourage young adults to participate in the local church and experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from being part of a faith community.

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